Air Assist Boat Lift Motors

Product Description

Electromotor is the market leader in the design and manufacture of blower motors used in air assisted boat lift systems. Our robust blower motors greatly increase the reliability of any air assisted boat lift system.

Electromotor air assisted boat lift motors come in a wide range of performance options and provide both 120 and 220-240V motors as well as 24 and 36 Volt designs. Let us design an air assisted boat lift motor for you.

What This Means for You

A great combination of performance, reliability, value and support helps keep your product working as it is supposed to.

We support you with motor design and application. We aid in UL / CSA / IEC approval process as well as RoHS, REACH and WEE listing.


  • High performance, robust motor designs
  • Wide range of airflow and motor power ratings
  • Proven durable designs
  • Solutions designed to meet your specs and to fit your manufacturing needs
  • Motors are component recognized, File E13662