Exercise Equipment Treadmill Motors

Product Description

Exercise equipment motors have unique demands for managing loads such as repeated high startup torque loads and must be very durable with zero maintenance as well as being exceptionally smooth and quiet.

What This Means for You

A great combination of performance, reliability, value and support helps keep your product working as they’re supposed to. We support you with motor design.

Electromotor Group's treadmill motor experience dates back to specifying the first PMDC treadmill motor to replace existing induction motors in this application. Optimotor treadmill motors are proven in this application both PMDC motors and linear actuators.

We aid in UL / CSA / IEC approval process as well as RoHS, REACH and WEE initiatives.


  • High efficiency, robust motor designs
  • High repeated start torque durability
  • PMDC and Linear Actuator Motors
  • Solutions designed to meet your specs and to fit your manufacturing needs
  • High efficiency and high reliability